Sumter County Republicans Approve Resolution Against Vaccine Mandate

The Sumter County Republican Party approved a resolution opposing President Biden’s mandatory vaccination mandate stating that it is a stunning violation of personal and medical freedom and abuse of the federal government’s power.

“The mandate further directs our country down a dangerous path away from the freedom of private businesses to operate as they see fit and individuals to make decisions regarding their health,” said party Secretary Samantha Scott.

Included in the mandatory vaccination program are all federal workers and federal contractors, health care workers at Medicare and Medicaid hospitals and other health care settings, employees who work for a private employer who has l00+ employees. The program could affect thousands of Sumter County residents.

The nation is already seeing a mass exodus of employees quitting their job or being fired as a result of the vaccine mandate. The workforce shift and shortage is creating chaos and havoc for entire industries, national supply chains, and local economies.

The resolution unanimously passed expresses opposition to the Mandatory Vaccination Program and declares support for the Attorney General of Florida to take whatever actions are necessary and reasonable within the authority and power of her office to seek relief for Florida residents. The full text of the resolution can be read here


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