Inspired by our Constitution and its guiding principles of limited government, individual freedom, and the rule of law… we, as Sumter County Republicans will work to:

  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of government
  • Balance the budget, reduce the debt, and lower the cost of living
  • Maintain a strong and ready military
  • Support law enforcement
  • Develop a program for meaningful healthcare reform
  • Secure our borders and develop and comprehensive immigration reform
  • Simplify tax laws and reduce taxes
  • Increase the opportunities for a quality education
  • Establish energy independence
  • Promote an economic climate that encourages job development
  • Maintain the Constitution as the people’s governing principles

“We must paint our philosophy in bold colors, not pale pastels.” Ronald Reagan

Here are our “bold colors”- a simple statement of what we, as Sumter County Republicans, will work and sacrifice for so that our children and their children’s children may enjoy freedom, justice, and prosperity.