This week, I was honored to receive the endorsement from the Republican Party of Florida. The RPOF has done amazing work in past election cycles registering Republican voters and getting them to the polls. Republicans in Florida now outnumber Democrats by 800,000 voters. That’s a complete 180 degree turn from my first gubernatorial election in 2010 and my first Senate race in 2018 when Democrats outnumbered Republicans in Florida. But I’m not taking anything for granted and have been campaigning aggressively around the state. I have campaigned in over 50% of Florida’s counties so far and will be speaking with voters in all 67 counties before election day.

This week, I spoke with voters in Tampa Bay and Ocala.  And, I was proud to also receive the support from the Florida Farm Bureau. Florida’s farmers, cattle ranchers and growers are a vital part of our economy and an important supplier of Fresh from Florida products to the national and global supply chain. I’ve been fighting for Florida’s farmers since I was elected governor in 2010 and will be meeting with our agriculture industry across Florida over the next few weeks to hear about how I can continue to advocate for these critical businesses in the Senate.

Thank you for your continued support. With your help, we’re going to win big in November! Visit rickscott.com to find out how you can get involved!



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