Rep. Webster’s Statement on Voting to Reduce Spending and Secure Border

“I just voted to pass a 30-day spending bill that would have CUT $11 billion in spending for October alone and forced the Biden Administration to secure our border. The DOJ’s special counsel investigations and reckless spending will continue during a shutdown and the Biden Border Crisis will only get worse. I cannot support an extension that would continue the excessive spending that has contributed to runaway inflation and fail to address the border crisis.

“This bill was a responsible step in the right direction towards reducing spending, securing the border, and keeping our military men and women and border patrol paid as the House continues to work on the remaining 8 required appropriations bills.

“It didn’t have to be this way – the process should have begun at the start of the year, so a vote on a budget could happen well before the fiscal deadline. I have pushed for this and adopted such a schedule when I led the Republican takeover of the Florida House of Representatives – which many have followed since – and it’s contributed to responsible spending decisions and a better budget outlook for all Floridians.”


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