New Florida Welcome Signs Say ‘Free State Of Florida’

Whether you are a resident of the state of a visitor, drivers crossing into the state will now see new Florida signs that read, “WELCOME TO THE FREE STATE OF FLORIDA.”

Since 2022, the phrase has been used by Governor Ron DeSantis and at his second inaugural address in January 2023. During his speeches and at bill signings, he would often use the words, in “Free state of Florida” when comparing the state to others and their handling of COVID-19.

Democrats and the media targeted DeSantis for not shutting down early during COVID-19 and then complained when he quickly re-opened the state for businesses.

DeSantis was one of the first to call out Dr. Fauci after he and those from the CDC said the Governor was doing a disservice for not keeping schools on lockdown well into the fall and winter of 2020.

“In the summer of 2020, when it wasn’t fashionable, we made clear that kids needed to be in school,” said the Governor’s office. “We faced opposition—from hysterical media, from unions, and the politicians they control. We even faced lawsuits aiming to close the schools, but we wouldn’t allow fear or politics to harm our kids. We were right, and they were wrong. And millions of families in Florida are better for it. Lost time is never found again. Seize the moment. And be thankful that God has blessed us to live and serve in America’s liberty outpost, the free state of Florida!”

Drivers leaving the state will see on the other side, “HURRY BACK TO THE FREE STATE OF FLORIDA.”

New Florida Welcome Signs Say ‘Free State of Florida’ – Florida Daily


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