Message from Chairman Joe Gruters

Message from Chairman Joe Gruters

Welcome home, President Trump. Florida is ready to have you here full time. On behalf of Florida Republicans, I want to thank you for pushing so hard for policies that put America and Americans first.

You will be remembered long after you leave office for your enormous accomplishments, including remaking the federal judiciary with over 230 Constitutionalist appointees, creating Space Force, massive deregulation, energy independence, operation Warp Speed for the vaccines, multiple Mideast peace agreements, driving our economy to record highs, exposing China and Big Tech and securing our border.

And the best is yet to come!

So now we look forward, knowing that the freedoms and foundations of the most exceptional nation on earth rest on our shoulders. They are ours to carry and defend. We are the voices for our cherished American rights. We are the voices for the hard-working Americans aspiring for better lives for themselves and their children. We fight for the American Dream to remain alive. It does not die on our watch.

And in looking forward, we see the Republican Party of Florida in a very strong position going into 2022 Midterms. Our standard bearer Governor Ron DeSantis is a proven, effective and principled leader, the best governor in the nation who understands and defends the basic freedoms of Floridians. His response to the pandemic is now widely seen as the path other states should have taken last spring and are finally beginning to. He is a leader among leaders and we are fortunate to have him heading our Party in 2022.

We have closed the registration gap on Democrats and intend to overcome them by November 2022 and have a majority Republican Florida! This is very doable and working together in all 67 counties we can make it happen. We have more Republicans in Congress, more Republicans in the state Senate, more Republicans in the state House and we will be getting at least two more Congressional seats for 2022.

The future for the Republican Party of Florida is bright, but only because we are all pulling together, defending the Republic, defending a bright future for our children against the forces of leftist socialism that would tear down everything.


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