Florida GOP voter registration lead breaks 800,000

The Republican Party of Florida now leads the Florida Democratic Party in voter registrations by nearly 810,000 voters, according to county-level data compiled by Florida’s Voice.

While Republicans have flipped several counties in recent months from red to blue, such as St. Lucie and Jefferson, several more are narrowing in the GOP’s favor.

One of the closest is Hillsborough County, in the Tampa area, which is home to over 800,000 voters. There, Democrats lead by just under 1.5%, or only around 12,000 voters.

And in Duval County, in the Jacksonville area and also very populous with more than 600,000 voters, Republicans trail by under 3%, or around 19,000.

In Madison County, less populous with a total of almost 12,000 voters, Republicans trail by under 3% as well, a deficit of just under 350 voters.

The most recent monthly report by the Florida Department of State, which was for December 2023, handed Republicans a lead of nearly 780,000 voters.

Republicans have been accelerating their lead over Democrats, according to the latest data.

For December, Republicans made their single largest monthly gain over Democrats in years, padding their lead by over 80,000.

Meanwhile, since the 2022 election, state Democrats have lost over 600,000 voters. Republicans have lost just around 183,000.

“The @FloridaGOP is continuing to turn Florida more red every day,” said Evan Power, chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, reacting to breaking the 800,000 mark.

“Republicans have now amassed 800,000 more registered voters than Democrats here in Florida,” the state party said this week. “Our grassroots team won’t stop fighting to make Florida the best place to live, work and play in the nation.”

Florida GOP voter registration lead breaks 800,000 (flvoicenews.com)


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