Florida GOP Voter Edge Continues to Grow

TALLAHASSEE – The Republican Party of Florida held a nearly 473,000-voter edge over the Florida Democratic Party as of April 30, continuing to widen a gap that began in 2021.

According to data posted Monday on the state Division of Elections website, the GOP had 5,307,574 registered voters at the end of last month, while the Democratic Party had 4,834,794. Another 4,031,983 voters were registered without party affiliation, while 274,894 were registered with third parties.

Democrats historically held a registration edge, but Republicans overtook them in 2021. Leading up to the November 2022 election, Republicans held about a 306,000-voter advantage.

Republicans hold all statewide offices, a majority in Florida’s congressional delegation, and supermajorities in the Florida House and Senate. 

Florida GOP voter edge continues to grow – CBS Miami (cbsnews.com)


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