DeSantis advises other Republicans: Don’t run on promises you can’t keep

At a press conference Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis issued advice to fellow Republicans looking to reproduce the conservative victories seen in Florida.

Just this week, DeSantis and Florida Republicans scored multiple major wins, such as the state prevailing in a power struggle with the Walt Disney Company, the state’s GOP-proposed congressional map being upheld in federal court, and the governor signing two major conservative proposals to target squatters and protect children from the harms of social media addiction and exploitation.

With DeSantis kicking the news cycle into overdrive this week, The Babylon Bee, a satirical news website, picked up on the developments, joking that the governor has been “Kicked Out Of Republican Party For Accomplishing Too Many Things.”

DeSantis replied to the post with a shrug.

“If I don’t know I can get it done, I don’t make a promise,” DeSantis said, when asked what he’d tell Republicans nationwide.

“[For example], all these guys ran saying ‘we have so much debt.’ [Then] they do a massive spending increase!” the governor said.

“When you govern in a way that’s contrary to how you campaigned […] that creates dissatisfaction,” he said. “Florida is the exception.”

“Our movement here in Florida has been driven by results,” DeSantis said. “It’s been driven by doing things that people want to see done.”

DeSantis advises other Republicans: Don’t run on promises you can’t keep (


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