COVID-19 Vaccination Events for Sumter County

The Sumter County Republican Party is providing the following information for those people who wish to take the COVID – 19 vaccination.  Please read all items to ensure you are eligible to take the shot and that you follow your care provider’s recommendatiions.
Sumter County Health Department will be hosting two drive-thru COVID -19 vaccination events this week.

The events on 1/11 and 1/13 have reached capacity and registration is now closed. For additional COVID -19 vaccination events please check to register. This website is legitimate. They are currently not accepting registration by phone, in person, or via email – it is online only.

The vaccine is available to residents, non-residents, part-time residents, and seasonal residents that are 65 years of age or older. Registration is required. Those who register are asked to arrive during their designated 1-hour time slot with a valid form of identification (Driver’s license, passport, etc.) and a copy of the registration ticket. Only those who successfully registered will be vaccinated.

Before signing up, please review the pre-vaccination checklist link provided by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at: Specifically, page 5 of this checklist advises that your medical provider approve that it is medically safe for patients on blood thinners to receive any COVID-19 vaccination intra-muscularly. If a patient on blood-thinning medication does not present a doctor’s note approving vaccination at the event, they will be asked to sign a waiver to be vaccinated.

Additionally, persons who received any other form of vaccination in the preceding 14 days should defer receipt of COVID-19 vaccine. Lastly, Moderna vaccines come in vials of 10 doses and we do not want any vaccine wastage. Accordingly, if you are registered for an appointment, please keep your appointment with us.  Those interested in vaccination are urged to check the Health Department website frequently for updates and announcements. The Sumter County Health Department currently does not have a waiting list, no-show list, or on-call list for vaccinations.

Until you receive a vaccination opportunity, please follow the general medical guidance which will markedly lessen the likelihood of becoming infected with COVID-19:

• Wear a mask, particularly when participating in activities indoors
• Socially distance inter-personal contacts to the extent you are reasonably able
• Limit unnecessary exposure to crowds
• Avoid unnecessary travel
• Wash your hands, carry portable hand sanitizer

Together, through a combination of perseverance and caring, we will overcome the challenges of COVID-19.  Check the Sumter County Health Department website for further information at


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