HR-1: The greatest threat to our country-ever. WHY?

By Peter Feaman, RPOF National Committeeman


I. It would “nationalize” every election because every state would have to
follow “national rules.”

Here are some of the “national” election rules:

  • Every state would have to allow “ballet harvesting.” What is ballot
    harvesting (better described as “ballot trafficking”)? It permits political operatives to collect voters’ ballots and drop them off “en masse” to polling stations. Imagine the potential for fraud there.
  • Illegal immigrants would be counted as residents.
  • Felons are given the right to vote the moment they leave prison
  •  All states would have to adopt same day voter registration-meaning you can walk into a polling place if you are not registered, register to vote and then vote right then and there. Imagine the potential for fraud there.
  • All states would have to adopt motor voter registration.
  • Mail-in ballots would have to be mailed to every registered voter –
    whether they asked for one or not.
  • The FEC (Federal Election Commission) would be a partisan five-member organization under the control of the White House! Not the Bi­Partisan Board it is today.

To fight this you must get involved! Go to

There you will see all the points I’ve made today plus: All kinds of videos, lawsuit updates, and, you can sign-up.

II. On those Republicans that leave because of Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney or Mitch McConnell-You don’t have the luxury of leaving! The very existence of our Republic is under attack.

Focus on the enemy!

  • HR-1
  • Packing the Sup. Ct.
  • Statehood for D.C
  •  Open Borders
  •  Trillions of spending
  •  Pelosi, Schumer, Biden/Harris

This will truly be the end of America if we don’t win in 2022. Focus on Florida -Governor De Santis and the rest:

  • No lockdowns and masks!
  • Taking on Big Tech
  • Anti-Riot Bill
  • Taking on CBS

Every generation is called in defense of freedom. We all must answer the call.



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