One year after being elected Chair of the Sumter County Republican Party, Samantha Scott, a third-generation Sumter County resident, was recently appointed to the Make America Florida Committee by Florida Republican Party Chair Christian Ziegler.

The Committee will serve as a working group to review the current Republican Party Platform and compile Florida-led issues to submit for consideration in the 2024 RNC National Republican Party Platform.

“It is an honor to have been selected to serve in this important state-wide committee,” Scott said.

“Under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis, Florida has become the gold standard for the nation to follow, and I will do my best to share our success story with the RNC’s leadership,” she added.

“When I visit any of the other 49 states, I always hear that they want more Florida in their state, and it ain’t the sunshine and beaches they are talking about,” said Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler.

In 2016, the RNC passed a solidly conservative Republican platform. That platform was ratified again in 2020 without changes due to national challenges related to COVID-19. But in 2024, the RNC will convene its Platform Committee once again. The Florida GOP will highlight Florida-led successes and policies and present them to the RNC Platform Committee, which ratifies the official platform positions for Republican elected officials nationwide.

Florida GOP Forms “Make America Florida” Committee to Shape National Platform (