Vote NO to “Alternate Procedure for Election of County Commissioners”

 The Sumter County Commission recently placed on the 2022 ballot the “Alternate Procedure for Election of County Commissioners”.  Voting “yes” to this “Alternate Procedure” forfeits your right to elect all five of your commissioners and replaces it “single member districts” allowing you to vote on only one of the five Commissioners. 

This issue goes back to 2004, when citizens of Sumter County passed the ONE SUMTER referendum.  This grass roots movement was started by citizens of the County, including many Villagers, who believed that all voters should work together and have the right to elect their County Commission.  That referendum united our County and established the countywide voting we currently enjoy.

In 2008, the first attempt to reverse that vote and institute an “Alternate Procedure” was rejected by the voters.   Now, a second effort, advertised as “Reversing One Sumter”, once again threatens to divide our County and restrict our voting rights to only one Commissioner election rather than all five.

The Sumter County Republican Party opposes this attempt to take away our “right to vote”.  

We strongly support the right of all voters –regardless of Party affiliation – to elect ALL FIVE of our County Commissioners. Why should these politicians – now that they are elected – escape accountability from 4/5ths of the voters?  And why would we, as voters and taxpayers, want to give up our ability to hold them accountable?   


Let’s keep our County working together as ONE SUMTER! Vote NO on the “Alternate Procedure”