The Constitution Revision Commission

Did you know that the Florida Constitution of 1968 has a provision that is as unique to our State?

It requires the creation of a Constitution Revision Commission (“CRC” or “the Commission”), to be held every 20 years, with the authority to propose revisions to the state’s Constitution.

This committee is comprised of appointments from each of the three branches of government.

The CRC is comprised of 37 members, the Governor appoints 15, the Senate President appoints nine, the Speaker of the House appoints nine, the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court appoints three, and the Attorney General serves.

The CRC is led by the Chair, who is appointed by the Governor.

The 2017 Commission had to be named within 30 days of the start of the 2017 regular session of the Legislature, which fell on Tuesday, March 7, 2017. As of March 20, 2017, all 37 members have been named and taken their oath of office.

The CRC authority is granted by Article XI, Section 2(c) of the Florida Constitution.

The constitution revision commission was convened on the work of adopting its rules of procedure, examine the constitution of the state, hold public hearings, and, not later than one hundred eighty days prior to the 2018 general election, file with the custodian of state records its proposal, if any, of a revision of this constitution or any part of it has begun
Ultimately YOU will have the responsibility to vote on any revisions to our State Constitution. This is an important part of our democratic process. To stay informed you can go to