The Chairman’s Letter

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6 Reasons Trump was Right on the Paris Climate Accords

The dystopian world-is-ending crowd had a heyday when President Trump kept his campaign promise to pull out of the accords and protect the American people. They really should have stayed on their meds.

Before we go through the very sound reasons for Trump pulling the U.S. out, it’s worth getting a sampling of just how fevered the reaction has been. Here are a few of the Chicken Little tweets following Trump’s announcement:

The Constitution Revision Commission

Did you know that the Florida Constitution of 1968 has a provision that is as unique to our State? It requires the creation of a Constitution Revision Commission (“CRC” or “the Commission”), to be held every 20 years, with the authority to propose revisions to the state’s Constitution.

Is Donald Trump the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle?

Mike Gleim, 108th Precinct Committeeman, serving on the Marketing and PR sub-committees

At this point in time, I think it is unlikely that America is ready to once again elect a novice as President. However, I think they are eager to elect someone without obvious ties to the political establishment. Trump’s success so far, and Jeb Bush’s lack thereof, illustrates the second point. But Trump also illustrates the current value of novelty in politics (somewhat as Sarah Palin did in the 2008 election). I’m not sure which other candidates will be able to pick up on this, but if one is able to do so, he (or Carly) will likely be successful.