On behalf of the Sumter County Republican Executive Committee (SCREC) and the conservative membership we represent, we welcome you to the SCREC Website.

The Republican Executive Committee is firmly committed to advancing the conservative ideals of liberty, limited government and personal responsibility. It is through these principles that we believe America is best served. We urge you to participate in furthering these principles by getting involved.

Our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation go out to those who help in the operation of this organization. It is through our dedicated volunteers that the endless work of running this organization is accomplished. Without them, none of this would be possible.

The 2016 election year was one of the most important of our lifetime. While President Trump and the Republican majority in both Houses of Congress work to return our great nation’s economic growth, find real solutions to key domestic issues, implement policies to return global respect for our Nation and strengthen our domestic and international security, we must continue to show our support. Stay informed and stay involved.

We must also be focusing on the near future. 2018 is a critical election year for Florida. We will have the opportunity to elect a new US Senator. Our US House of Representative member will be on the ballot and our Governorship along with all Florida Cabinet positions are up for election. Additionally, there will be important Countywide and local elections.

Your involvement can make a difference in all our election activities. We hope you will join us by committing some of your time and energy to make this a successful election year at the National, State and Local level. Please join us by going to the “Get Involved” section of this website.

It is in this spirit of commitment, dedication and shared responsibility that we forge ahead. I look forward to a very productive election year.


All the best,
John Temple
Chairman, Sumter County Republican Executive Committee



John Temple
Chairman, Sumter County REC