A Letter from our Chairman


Friends and Fellow Republicans,

I would like to acknowledge the 74,978 Sumter County Residents who voted in the 2018 mid-term election. Sumter County once again lead the State in the percentage of registered voters who cast their ballots giving us a 77.7% voter turnout.

I am particularly proud of the over 52,868, or 71% of you, who voted for our Republican Candidates at the National, State & County level.

To the hundreds of Republican volunteers who handed out campaign literature at the postal stations, worked in our outreach activities, made phone calls, worked the polls on both the earlier voting days and election day, I want to offer my sincerest appreciation to each and every one of you. Sumter County exemplifies the true meaning of “grass roots” campaigning.

To the Leaders of The Villages Republican Club, The Sumter County Republican Club, The Republican Federated Women of The Villages and The Village’s Trump Club, I want to express my thanks for all of your efforts in getting and keeping all your members engaged in this critical election.

Finally, I want to thank the dedicated crew of attorneys and observers who diligently monitored the several days of the machine and manual ballot recounts that were ordered to bring this election to its close.

To our U.S. Senator Rick Scott, our U.S. House Representative Dan Webster, our Governor Ron DeSantis and the three key Republican members of his cabinet, as well as our State Senator Dennis Baxley, our State House Representative Brett Hage and our re-elected County Commissioner Doug Gilpin, congratulations. All of you represent one of the finest consiliences in any county in this State or Nation.

Best regards,
John P. Calandro, Chairman
Sumter County Republican Executive Committee